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On a Wing and a Wish: Salt Water Bird Rhymes

TitleOn a Wing and a Wish: Salt Water Bird Rhymes
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsPittman, Al, and Veselina Tomova
CitySt. John's, Nfld
DescriptorsBirds; English Language; Newfoundland and Labrador; Painting; Poetry

This is a book of poetry about the native birds of Newfoundland illustrated with lively watercolour paintings of the local countryside and birds dressed up in clothes to correspond with the verse. Some poems make specific reference to places in Newfoundland. Includes a list of the birds featured in the book with their official names.


Newfoundland and Labrador

Age Range


Author Profile: 

On a Wing and a Wish is a compilation of short poems about the wild and crazy birds that are found throughout Newfoundland. From Sally Seagull to Oswald Osprey, these birds are running wild around Newfoundland, each with a funny story to tell.


Peter Puffin danced a jig.

He danced from Dusk to Dawn.

He danced upon what he could find,

to dance a jig upon.

He danced upon the rolling sea.

He danced upon the shore.

He danced upon the sticks and stones,

until his feet were sore.

He soaked them in the salty brine.

He soothed them in the rain.

And then he got upon his

feet and danced a jig again. (7)