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Vicki Grant

Vicki Grant was born, raised, and currently resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia. That said, she has also spent time living in Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Vancouver, Boston, and Totonicapán, Guatemala.

Before becoming a writer, Grant worked as a copywriter and a producer and writer of children's television. Vicki Grant is an engaging writer who uses humour. She has nine published books, with a tenth soon on its way. As a writer of young adult fiction, she frequently participates in the Writers in the Schools program, hosts the "Kid Lit Cafe" at a local coffee shop, and travels across Canada to partake in numerous book award tours and writers festivals.

Principal Residences: 

Halifax, NS


Betsy Wickwire's dirty secret (2011).

B Negative (2011).

Comeback. (2010).

Not suitable for family viewing. (2009).

Nine doors. (2009).

Res judicata. (2008).

I.D. (2007).

Pigboy. (2006).

Dead-end job. (2005).

Quid pro quo. (2005).

The puppet wrangler. (2004).

The Halifax citadel. (Vol. 1). (Ed. by Grant) (2003).

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