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Un caillou-bonheur

TitleUn caillou-bonheur
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsMacDonald, Anne Louise, Danielle Delisle, and Joanne Ouellet
ISBN Number2760003450
DescriptorsFamilies; French Language; New Brunswick; Nova Scotia; Picture Book; Translation

This French translation of The Memory Stone was published in New Brunswick. Laurence is homesick the first time she stays over at her aunt Patricia's house. In a fit of temper, she kicks a collection of stones off the porch. Her aunt scolds her because these are memory stones and important to her. Throughout the day, Laurence attempts to discover what a memory stone is and to find one of her own. Eventually, she is too busy and has too much fun to be sad. When her mother comes to pick her up, she complains that Tante Patricia will not tell her what a memory stone is, but soon discovers that she already knows. The author of this picture book is from Nova Scotia.


New Brunswick

Age Range