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Troy Little

Troy Little was born on Prince Edward Island. In 1994, Little graduated from Sheridan College with a degree in Interpretive Illustration. Little then moved to Ottawa to pursue employment opportunities in the animation industry before returning to PEI in 2003. Before moving back to the island, he had  decided to pursue a career in comics, which was first supported by a grant from the Xeric Foundation and then a PEI Council of the Arts grant. His first comic, Chiaroscuro, was self-published through Meanwhile Studios (2001-03) and then re-published by IDW publishing, including previously unpublished work drawn in 2004-05 (hardcover 2007, paperback 2008). Little then began work on his next project, Angora Napkin. Angora Napkin was published in hardcover in 2009, and in the fall of 2010 the animated show debuted on Teletoon.

Principal Residences: 

Charlottetown, PEI; Ottawa, ON