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Three Tall Trees

TitleThree Tall Trees
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsWeale, David, and Dale McNevin
PublisherAcorn Press
ISBN Number1894838130
DescriptorsConflict Resolution; Conservation; English Language; Illustrated; Nature; Picture Book; Poetry; Prince Edward Island; Trees

This picture book in rhyme, published on Prince Edward Island, tells the story of three curmudgeonly old trees that have grown so wide that they are constantly bumping limbs. When the three discover that they are actually three parts of the same tree, they decide to learn to get along, for their own sake. The author and illustrator of this book with a strong environmental message are from Prince Edward Island.


Prince Edward Island

Age Range


Author Profile: 

Enigma the crow, who watches over the forest, tells the story of three tall trees – Jacob, Paul, and Elijah Ali. Enigma watches the three brother trees fight with each other over whose roots are the deepest, whose branches are the widest, and whose sap is the purest. The fighting continues until Enigma notices that the brothers are not three separate trees, but they are, in fact, three trees growing out of the same trunk.