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There's a cow under my bed!

TitleThere's a cow under my bed!
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsSherrard, Valerie
Number of Pages32
PublisherTuckamore Books
CitySt. John's, Nfld
DescriptorsConfusion; Emotions; English Language; Families; Imagination; Language; Learning; Mothers; Picture Book; Poetry

This rhyming picture book, by Mirimichi author Valerie Sherrard, is about a young boy, Oscar Ollie Brown, who is perplexed by his mother’s recurrent idiomatic phrases such as “cow lick” and “frog in the throat.” He imagines and acts upon the literal meaning of the idioms as represented in humourous cartoonish illustrations by David Jardine, also a Mirimichi resident, that are of a slightly dark, Gothic, and grotesque nature. This book is a companion to Sherrard’s There’s a Goldfish in My Shoe (2009).



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