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Spike Chiseltooth

TitleSpike Chiseltooth
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsKessler, Deirdre, and P. John Burden
PublisherRagweed Press
DescriptorsAnimals; Birthdays; Illustrated; Pets; Picture Book; Rabbits

After his parents tell him he can’t have a dog or a cat, Karl buys himself a pet rabbit on his birthday. Unfortunately, Karl misunderstood his parents because they meant he wasn’t allowed to have any pets. Karl decides to leave Spike, his baby rabbit, on the doorstep of his grumpy neighbour, Mr. Gribble. It turns out that Spike is just what Mr. Gribble needs to cheer up and Spike and Mr. Gribble become a family of sorts to this orphaned rabbit. The illustrations, by P. John Burden, are a combination of larger colourful and smaller black and white paintings, that are slightly cartoonish/exaggerated but promarily realisitc.


Prince Edward Island

Age Range


Author Profile: 

"The very next morning Mr. Gribble went shopping again. Like a detective, Karl trailed him, unnoticed. 
     At the pet store, Karl watched Mr. Gribble buy rabbit food pellets and cedar chips for Spike's bedding. At the supermarket Karl watched Mr. Gribble buy carrots and parsley and cauliflower. Mr. Gribble smiled at the girl at the checkout counter.
     'It's all for my rabbit,' he explained. 'I have an orphan rabbit. Just a baby'" (24).