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Smoke and Mirrors

TitleSmoke and Mirrors
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsChoyce, Lesley
Number of Pages218
PublisherBoardwalk Books
ISBN Number1550025341 :
DescriptorsEnglish Language; Friendship; Mystery; Novel; Young Adult

When Simon was 16 years old he was in a skateboarding accident that impaired his short term memory. He is left friendless after his best friend Ozzie moves away, and he passes his time by immersing himself in books on metaphysics. Simon acquires a new friend when newcomer, Andrea, speaks to him in class. Andrea’s ability to read minds makes Simon question his sanity and the very nature of what is real. This young adult novel is written by Lesley Choyce who currently resides in East Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia. Smoke and Mirrors was short listed for the Young Adult Canadian Book Award in 2005 and was also a nominee for the Stellar Award 2007 in British Columbia, Canada.


Nova Scotia

Age Range


Author Profile: 

Simon is a weird sixteen year old. He has always been considered a bit odd, because of his interests in UFOs, the paranormal, and metaphysical experiences. However, ever since his near death experience following a skateboard accident, Simon is acting even more strangely. In class one day, a girl named Andrea appears to Simon. Only Simon can see her, and she seems to help Simon become more social, maintain focus in school, and build a stronger relationship with his parents. But despite all of Andrea's help, Simon soon realizes that it might not be him in need of help, but Andrea. Smoke and Mirrors is a young adult, Science Fiction novel, and is a first-person, immediate-engaging narrative.


"Often, as often as possible perhaps, my parents chose to leave me alone. They had little interest in the things I was interested in. They thought extra-sensory perception was a lot of hogwash. Even if my father believed ESP existed then he probably would have used it to persuade clients to buy his bonds." (50)