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Skunks for Breakfast: Based on a True Story

TitleSkunks for Breakfast: Based on a True Story
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsChoyce, Lesley, and Brenda Jones
Number of Pages32
CityHalifax, Nova Scotia
ISBN Number1551095866
DescriptorsAnimals; Families; Illustrated; Nova Scotia; Picture Book; Prince Edward Island; Skunks

Pamela's family is told there are no skunks in Nova Scotia, but one morning Pamela wakes up to discover that her house and her entire family smell like skunk. The smell is so terrible that nobody will sit beside Pamela at school or on the bus, and Pamela's dad delays a flight to Toronto. They set a trap underneath the house and release the skunk in the wilderness, but the next morning there is another skunk, and the morning after that there is yet another. The family finally catches and releases sixteen skunks. By the time the last skunk is gone, Pamela has learned to like the black-and-white striped animals. The story is inspired by Nova Scotia author, Lesley Choyce's real-life experience, and based on his 2002 film The Skunk Whisperer. The illustrator, Brenda Jones, is from Prince Edward Island.


Prince Edward Island

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