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Skateboard Shakedown

TitleSkateboard Shakedown
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsChoyce, Lesley
CityHalifax, N.S
DescriptorsEnglish Language; Friendship; Nova Scotia; Novel; Politics; Realism; Sport; Young Adult

In this young adult novel, Gary Sutherland and his friends, skateboarding fanatics, are upset to learn that their favourite place to skate, an abandoned swimming pool they call "the grave," is being sold to developers who would like to build a shopping mall in its place. Gary and his friends fight to stop the development and encounter a number of challenges and in so doing, uncover corruption in local politics. Lesley Choyce lives in Nova Scotia, where this book was published.


Nova Scotia

Age Range


Author Profile: 

Gary Sutherland is addicted to skateboarding, and has been in trouble with the local authorities numerous times for skateboarding on private property. Despite the risk, the adrenaline rush keeps Gary and his friends constantly searching for new and dangerous venues to practices their tricks. When the teens discover an abandoned pool, which they nickname “the Grave,” they begin to use it as a safe-haven to practice their boarding away from the cops. However, developers want to bulldoze the land to make a shopping mall. Determined to stop these developers from destroying their skate park, Gary and his friends end up unearthing more trouble than they bargained for. Skateboard Shakedown is a young adult, realist fiction novel.