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Skate Freak

TitleSkate Freak
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsChoyce, Lesley
Number of Pages108
PublisherOrca Book Publishers
DescriptorsEnglish; Families; Friendship; Nova Scotia; Novel; Realistic Fiction; Sport

In this realistic, short novel for reluctant readers, a teenage skateboarder named Quinn Dorfman moves away from the small, seaside town of Willis Harbour and into a new city. As an outsider nicknamed “Skate Freak,” Quinn struggles to make friends at the skate park, find success at school, and rescue his parents’ failing relationship. Lesley Choyce is from Nova Scotia.


Nova Scotia

Age Range


Record Editor

James Langer

Author Profile: 

Quinn and his father have just moved to the city, and Quinn is having a hard time adjusting to the change. Back home, Quinn skateboards wherever and whenever he wants, but at the city skate park he learns there are unwritten rules about newcomers. Things start to look up when Quinn meets Jasmine, a fellow skateboarder frustrated by the number of egos running the skate park. She and Quinn begin to spend time together, and Quinn even takes Jasmine to his very own skate park in his hometown. However, just as things are starting to turn around for Quinn, his mother phones from out west. She has a new job, and thinks the family should move there in order to be together. Skate Freak is a young adult realist fiction novel, and is part of the Orca Currents series, which features high-interest, low-vocabulary stories for teens. The novel is written from the first-person, immediate-engaging perspective of Quinn.


“My board was slightly off centre as I drifted and dropped. I tried to correct it as I fell through the sky. I thought I had things under control. But I guess I didn’t.
As I hit – much harder than I expected – front wheels first, my board was cocked sideways. I was off balance. The front trucks smashed apart as I landed, and ball bearings went flying. And so did I.” (47)