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Seeing red

TitleSeeing red
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsMacDonald, A. L.
PublisherKCP Fiction, Kids Can Press
ISBN Number9781554532926

     Seeing Red follows as a sequel to The Ghost Horse of Meadow Green (2005). Seeing Red is a realistic young adult novel set in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, told from the first person point of view of Frankie Uccello. The self-professed “Ace of Average” at his high school, Frankie’s one oddity is his propensity for thematically colored dreams that foretell the future. One night Frankie has a red dream in which his best friend Tim has an equestrian accident, and Frankie himself becomes an injured petrel. When Frankie finds the injured bird in reality behind his school and takes it home to nurse back to health, he finds himself reluctantly accepting the aid of Maura-Lee, an outcast girl whom everyone at school regards as “weird.” The mysteries of Maura-Lee’s past and of Frankie’s dreams become increasingly intertwined when Frankie (also reluctantly) joins a volunteer program at Hug a Horse Farm. Here Frankie meets the cast from The Ghost Horse of Meadow Green: Kim, Margaret, Vanessa, Jelly Bean, The Ghost, and Slug. Seeing Red explores themes of friendship, bravery, and hope.


     When the buzzer rang, the class bolted. Maura-Lee took her time. I did, too. “So, where did you get the fish?”
     “It’s a trout,” she said bluntly. “Did the petrel eat it?”
     “All of it?”
     “The next one should be bigger.”
     “I can’t get it after school today. I’m taking the bus to Hug a Horse. Do you know how to kill a trout?”
     “I, mean catch a trout?”
     I thought for a sec, then said, “Dad used to hit the fish over the head to knock it out and then cut off its head real quick. It looked gross but he said it was humane.”
     She nodded. “Then we can go fishing. Right now.”