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Saqamaw Mi'sel Joe

Mi'sel Joe was born on June 4th, 1947 in Miawpukek. Miawpukek is the traditional Mi'kmaq name for the community; the community is also known as Conne River. Mi'sel Joe comes from a strong Mi'kmaq family, and the office of hereditary Saqamaw, or Chief, was held by both his grandfather and his uncle. As a young man, Mi'sel Joe left the reserve, and worked in a variety of different positions before returning to the reserve. Once Mi'sel Joe had returned to Miawpukek he became strongly involved in First Nation politics, and after the death of his uncle in 1982, Mi'sel Joe became the Traditional Saqamaw, as well as the Newfoundland District Chief for the Mi'kmaq Grand Council. Mi'sel Joe is also the spiritual leader of his people. His knowledge and specialization in natural medicines and remedies has earned Mi'sel Joe international recognition, and he has spoken at several international alternative medicine conferences. Mi'sel Joe has a daughter and a granddaughter, and currently lives in Miawpukek with his wife.

Principal Residences: 

Miawpukek (Conne River), Newfoundland