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Running the Risk

TitleRunning the Risk
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsChoyce, Lesley
Number of Pages110
PublisherOrca Book Publishers
DescriptorsCrime; Drugs; English Language; Nova Scotia; Novel; Realism

In this short novel for reluctant readers, a fast food restaurant is robbed at gunpoint, and the main character, Sean, handles the situation calmly. After the robbery, however, Sean begins searching for potentially dangerous circumstances that will provide the same adrenaline rush he experienced during the robbery. Lesley Choyce is from Nova Scotia.


Nova Scotia

Age Range


Record Editor

James Langer

Author Profile: 

Sean spends his weekends working at a Burger Heaven. One night while working the graveyard shift, two masked men wielding guns barge into the restaurant. Feeling his adrenaline kick in, Sean immediately takes control of the situation. Realizing the gunmen are nervous, Sean knows that the only way to protect himself and his co-workers is to hand over the money. However, Sean’s co-workers and the detectives are suspicious of Sean’s calm, yet excited, demeanor following the robbery. Untroubled by other people’s opinions, Sean keeps pushing his boundaries to try and reclaim the adrenaline rush he felt during the robbery. That is, until another robbery makes him come to terms with the sometimes fatal consequences of running the risk. Running the Risk is a young adult realist fiction novel and is part of the Orca Soundingstold from the first-person, immediate-engaging perspective of Sean.


     "It was about then that I noticed something about the way I was feeling. My heart was still pumping so loud I could hear it in my ears, and my breathing was a bit ragged.

     But the weird part was that I was feeling great. And I'd been feeling this way from the moment the robber put the gun up to my face." (6)