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Road to Bliss

TitleRoad to Bliss
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsClark, Joan
PublisherDoubleday Canada
ISBN Number9780385666879
Author Profile: 

Jim is on the subway home from work when suddenly the power goes out. Amidst the panic, Jim tries to climb out of the train, but in doing so falls and hits his head. When told by a paramedic he has a concussion and should walk around to stay awake, Eric walks himself straight out of Toronto. The stress of his parents’ separation and an older sister who thinks she is too mature to hang around her little brother, as well the shock of the power outage, causes a reaction in Eric that pushes him to run away. So, he hitches a ride with a trucker, and makes his way to west. In a small town somewhere in the prairies, Eric finds an abandoned house called “Bliss,” which he decides to take as his own. While living in Bliss, Eric meets a strange girl, Miriam, who seems to be from another time, and Eric discovers she is part of a religious cult that lives right next door. Out of curiosity, Eric gets a job with his neighbors, and becomes part of the daily work schedule at “Majestic Farm.” Everything seems to be alright, with a few oddities here and there, but in time, Eric begins to notice stranger things happening between the men and women at “Majestic Farm,” and decides he needs to get Miriam out.


“When Jim had gone another quarter mile, he came to an arrow-pointed sign on the same side of the road. The sign was tilted so far down it was close to falling over. Jim squinted at it, trying to read the letters cut into the weathered grey wood. BLISS, the letters spelled. Bliss was the word Paula used when she came home after a day of showing properties non-stop. Kicking off her shoes and stretching out on the couch she’d say, This is bliss – meaning there was no better place to be.” (33-34)

“Jim had come to Bliss by chance. If the power accident hadn’t trapped him inside the subway, if he hadn’t knocked himself out and started walking, if he hadn’t walked out of the city and been given a lift by Silas, if Silas hadn’t dropped him off in town and advised him to follow the road north, he would never have found Bliss, met a girl, fallen in love and set foot on Majestic Farm.” (183)