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Res judicata

TitleRes judicata
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsGrant, Vicki
Number of Pages172
PublisherOrca Book Publishers
ISBN Number9781551439402 :
DescriptorsCrime; Families; Mothers; Mystery

Abstract: When his lawyer mother takes on the case of a college custodian accused of murdering a scientist, Cyril finds that certain facts in the case don't add up.


Following from Quid Pro Quo (2005), Res judicata is a second novel about Cyril MacIntyre, a sarcastic Halifax high schooler. Cyril’s mother, Andy, is a struggling lawyer and former “adolescent delinquent.” She has recently become a partner at Varma and Associates, but money is still tight. When Andy starts dating Deputy Sheriff Dougie “Biff” Fougere, a new stability enters Cyril’s life – a stability that vanishes the moment Andy takes on a contentious new case defending local janitor Chuck Dunkirk. Chuck has been accused of manslaughter in the death of Ernest Sanderson, the acclaimed inventor of Gleamoccino, “the coffee that whitens!” Andy successfully defends Chuck. When Cyril decides to do his final video project for school on the history of Gleamoccino, however, he discovers that in fact there is good reason to suspect Chuck of foul play.
Narrated in the first person, Res judicata falls into the young adult mystery genre. The novel deals with themes of loyalty, poverty, and justice.


Chuck Dunkirk had little mashed-potato spitballs hanging all over that mountain-man beard of his. I knew it had to be hard keeping food in your mouth when you’re missing most of your teeth and everything, but I got the feeling he wasn’t even trying. I mean, the guy was like a snowblower.
I could barely look at him. I was going to be having nightmares about this for weeks.
Too bad. I had to look at him. I had to be on my best behavior. It was all part of my plan.
Or should I say our plan.
The dinner was actually Biff’s idea. He convinced me that if we did something nice to celebrate her big victory, Andy would be in just the right mood to finally run out and buy that long board she owed me. He even promised to ask her about it himself.
I made him swear he’d do it as soon as everyone went home that night. You’ve got to act fast with Andy’s good moods. Generally speaking, they have shorter life spans than your average sneeze.