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Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsChoyce, Lesley
PublisherOrca Book Publishers
ISBN Number9781554692231
Author Profile: 

Josh is having a bad day. He was late for school, failed a test, didn’t eat lunch, and the girl he was seeing has decided to see someone else. When he gets home, Josh decides to take his bike out for a ride. He knows his parents don’t like his dirt bike, but when he rides it, Josh feels confident and free. However, on today’s ride, things go a little differently than planned. Rounding a tough corner, Josh realizes too late that he is on a collision course with an old man. They collide and both survive, but the old man takes Josh’s bike deep into the woods. Josh believes he has just run over the hermit of Loggerman Creek, and though he is scared to do so, Josh is determined to get his bike back from the crazy old man. Reckless is a young adult realist fiction novel, and is part of the Orca Currents series, which features high interest stories with low vocabularies. This novel is written from the first-person, immediate-engaging perspective of Josh.


“I went low and felt the rear wheel slide. While my right foot skimmed along the ground, I gave her a full throttle and a shot out of the turn. I was concentrating so much on the turn that I didn’t look where I was going.
When I was upright again, a shaft of sunlight pierced through the trees, blinding me. But I knew this trail so I kept giving her gas.
That’s when I saw him.” (6)