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The Raintree Rebellion

TitleThe Raintree Rebellion
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsMcNaughton, Janet Elizabeth
Number of Pages245
DescriptorsAdolescence; English Language; Identity; Newfoundland and Labrador; Novel; Politics; Toronto; Young Adult

In this young adult novel set in a futuristic Toronto, Blake Raintree, 18, tries to uncover her past and learn the truth about the dark ages when libraries, science, and technology disappeared. She must come to terms with her anger and learn about herself as well as her society. Major issues in the book include environmentalism, education and politics. Janet McNaughton lives in St. John's, NL.


Newfoundland and Labrador

Age Range


Author Profile: 

The Raintree Rebellion is the sequel to McNaughton’s The Secret Under My Skin. Blake Raintree has finished up a couple years of scientific study in St. Pearl*, and during that time she has had the opportunity to meet with people able to give her information about her parents and her past. Though this information has been helpful, many of Blake's questions remain unanswered, and she is not the only one searching for answers. The Protectors have successfully hidden the truth about the history of the technocaust, and as a result, many people, like Blake, are left wondering what happened to their families and communities. Luckily for Blake, she has the opportunity to discover the truth while working as an aide for her adoptive mother Erica on the newly established Justice Council in Toronto Prefecture. The Justice Council seeks to discover the truth of the technocaust and enable the victims of the technocaust to feel that justice has been served for the horrors of the past. While in Toronto, Blake becomes even more determined to discover as much as she can about her past, but is soon overwhelmed by her own anger and desire for revenge. However, Blake is faced with the reality that the truth is not as simple as good and bad, and she must come to terms with her desire to find someone to blame for the horrors of the past. Like Secret, Raintree is told from the perspective of Blake and is a Young Adult science-fiction novel.

*St. Pearl is a combination of Mount Pearl and St. John's, Newfoundland. In this future, climate change has caused the sea level to rise, so as a result of the receding coastline, the two cities merged together.


"Griffin looks Astral in the eye. He’s younger, he’s smaller, he’s not the sort of person anyone would take for a hero, but he doesn’t back down. “The story isn’t over yet. The Protectors are gone now. Maybe because of the technocaust. Maybe they fell so easily because people remembered what happened before and didn’t want another bloodbath. The Protectors stalled democracy, that’s certain. But did they prevent its return? I’d say that’s up to us." (102)

"We spend all afternoon watching the Justice Council debate the finer points of accepting victim statements, but I barely listen. Instead, I spin daydreams about my father, the brave resistance leader. But I can only create my dream father for a few moments at a time. RTML keeps intruding. There’s something horribly contaminating about those radio broadcasts." (143)