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Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsGrant, V.
PublisherOrca Book Publishers
ISBN Number9781551437514

     Pigboy is a short, realistic fiction novel intended for early teens who are reading below grade level. Narrated in first person by the nerdy fourteen-year-old Dan Hogg, Pigboy tells the story of an ill-fated school field trip to a rural pig farm. The class bully, Shane Coolen, torments Dan by calling him “Pigboy.”  The real trouble starts, however, when the class realizes the man showing them around the farm is not the farmer, Mr. van Wart, but an escaped convict who plans to burn them all alive. Dan is the only person in a position to save himself, his classmates, and Ms. Creaser their teacher. The exact setting of Pigboy is unspecified; the farm could be located on the outskirts of any Canadian city. The novel deals with themes of courage and self-esteem.


     The sneeze was like a rocket. It started in my gut and worked its way up my back and into my eyes and nose. I couldn’t hold it anymore. It exploded out my face.
     It was so loud these girls screamed as if they were being attacked by a pit bull. The worst thing was those wads of Kleenex shot right across the barn like two bloody little rockets.
     For a second, nobody could figure out what had happened. There was complete silence, then somebody took a closer look at the Kleenex and realized what it was. People groaned and pointed and shrieked. Everyone turned around and stared at me with this “Ewww” look on their faces.
     I said, “Excuse me,” which was apparently hilarious. What else was I supposed to say?
     I just stood there feeling gross and stupid until the guy screamed, “SHUT UP!”