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Nine Doors

TitleNine Doors
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsGrant, V.
PublisherOrca Book Publishers
ISBN Number9781554690756

     Set in Halifax and narrated in the first person, Nine doors is a short realistic fiction novel well suited for early teens who are reluctant readers. In order to break up the monotony of the summer, Emery agrees to play Nicky Nicky Nine Doors with Richard, a mischievous boy from his high school. In addition to the simple prank of ringing neighbours’ doorbells and then running away, Richard decides they should also made a documentary about the game. Emery quickly realizes what psychological duress he and Richard are causing their neighbours, a sense of guilt made all the more acute when he meets Bebi, a beautiful girl who falls victim to their game. Themes include confidence, bravery, and the moral dilemma of right and wrong. 


     I was only joking when I said, “Too bad we didn’t get that on videotape.”
     Lesson Number One: Never joke with Richard.
     The next thing I knew we weren’t playing Nicky Nicky Nine Doors anymore. We were making Nicky Nicky Nine Doors: The Movie.
     “Seriously,” Richard said. “This could be our big break! Critics love this sort of thing. You know: ‘Fourteen-year-old boys make ground-breaking documentary.’ I’m not kidding. We could go to all the film festivals. Meet all the big stars. Make a ton of money…”
     I was rolling my eyes, but I was sort of going for it too. I mean, how cool would that be? Making our own movie. Getting famous. Getting rich. I acted reluctant, but I was totally up for it.