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Nanny-Mac's cat

TitleNanny-Mac's cat
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsMacDonald, Anne Louise, and Marie Lafrance
ISBN Number0921556543
DescriptorsAging; Cats; English Language; Farming; Nova Scotia; Picture Book; Prince Edward Island

Every Friday, Glynnis goes to visit Nanny Mac and her cowardly cat, Patches. When Nanny Mac falls and breaks her hip, Glynnis and her father must find a new home for Patches. A farmer agrees to take the cat because his children would like a house cat. Patches demonstrates that she is not as fearful as people think when she frightens a barn cat out of her territory, the house. Anne Louise MacDonald, the author of this picture book which was published on Prince Edward Island, lives in Nova Scotia.


Nova Scotia; Prince Edward Island

Age Range

Age Range: 5-7