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My Natural Horses

TitleMy Natural Horses
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsMacDonald, A. L.
PublisherHug a Horse Farm
ISBN Number9780981391007

     My natural horses is a non-fiction picture book intended for quite a young audience, no older than elementary school age. Through simple text, Anne Louise MacDonald explains the purpose and practice of natural horse care. The book moves through all four seasons, providing a depiction of horse life for the entire year. MacDonald’s own horses (that live with her in Antigonish, Nova Scotia) act as protagonists. The text is accompanied by full-color photographs of the horses and the surrounding area. These images are provided by MacDonald herself, and correspond to the four seasons. Many of the images are full-page, forming, in places, a background to the text.


     I can only let the herd into my pasture to graze one hour a day. Otherwise they would chew the grass down to dirt.
     Summer also offers nutritious weeds, leaves, roots and berries which add to the menu of hay, black-oil sunflower seeds and other treats like apples and carrots.
     In the shelter, there is always a block of salt and a bucket of minerals. When the weather is very hot, the herd can consume one small salt lick every week.
     The horses prefer the running water in the brook to the automatic water in the shelter.