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Mr. Sweetums wears pink

TitleMr. Sweetums wears pink
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsHutchinson, Charlotte, and Brenda Jones
ISBN Number0921556187
DescriptorsCats; English Language; Halloween; Nova Scotia; Picture Book; Prince Edward Island; Sport

Mr. Sweetums is a tomcat who lives with three little girls who like to dance and to dress him up in frilly doll clothes which injures his pride. On Halloween, Mr. Sweetums is forced to wear a tutu to a costume contest. When he brings home first place ribbons, he no longer feels so ashamed to be a tomcat in pink and, once everyone has gone to bed, he discovers that he has a secret passion for ballet. Charlotte Hutchinson, the author of this picture book which was published on Prince Edward Island, is from Nova Scotia, and illustrator Brenda Jones was born on Prince Edward Island.


Prince Edward Island; Nova Scotia

Age Range