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Marty the Mailbox

TitleMarty the Mailbox
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsStretch, Ian, Dale McNevin, and L. Blacquiere
PublisherTrafford Publishing
ISBN Number9781425184353
Author Profile: 

Marty is a very special mailbox. He was carved out of a maple tree that used to stand on the Burdett Farm before it was struck by lightning. The owner of the farm, Tom, noticed that the spot where the lightning had split the tree resembled the biggest barn on the farm. Over the winter Tom took the piece of wood and carefully turned it into a mailbox. Tom and his family then placed their new mailbox at the end of their drive, along with a special nametag that says “Marty the Mailbox.” Soon Marty is the talk of the neighborhood as everyone comments on how the façade of the barn resembles a face that changes depending on the news that arrives in the mail.