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Madame Belzile and Ramsay Hitherton-Hobbs

TitleMadame Belzile and Ramsay Hitherton-Hobbs
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsWilson, Budge, and Etta Moffatt
Series TitleNew Waves
ISBN Number0921054386
DescriptorsBody Image; Bullying; Chapter Book; English Language; Families; French Language; Friendship; Halifax; Illustrated; Language; Nova Scotia; School

When nine-year-old Ramsay Hitherton-Hobbs moves to Halifax, the children at school make fun of him because he is overweight and poor at French and math. His neighbour, Madame Belzile, a skinny, lonely francophone, decides to help Ramsay with his weight problem. She offers him French-language lessons in exchange for his companionship. This illustrated chapter book was published in Nova Scotia, author Budge Wilson's home province. The illustrations, by Etta Moffatt, are simple black and white pencil drawings. Each chapter features one illustation.


Nova Scotia

Age Range


Author Profile: 

"Madame Belzile was speaking. 'By the end of October, even before the leaves fall, you could be as good in French as anyone in your class.' She paused. 'Besides,' she said shyly, wistfully, 'it's a very beautiful language.
      ''Huh!' snorted Ramsay. 'I'd like to believe that! But...
      ''But what?' prompted Madame Belzile, trying to forget his other statement.
      Ramsay thought about it some more. With bad math marks, no French, a fat body, and with kids yattering at him in the schoolyard, he didn't have much choice. There had to be something good in his life.
      'Just but." He sighed. "OK. Let's do it.' He took a deep breath. 'When do we start?
      'Right this minute,' said Madame Belzile. 'Immédiatement'" (25-26).