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The Look of Angels : Angels in Art

TitleThe Look of Angels : Angels in Art
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsButler, Geoff
PublisherGeoff Butler
CityGranville Ferry
ISBN Number9780969444718
Author Profile: 

The Look of Angels is a compilation of art, poetry and music that shows the various ways angels operate in the world. From Guardian Angels, to beacons, to the angels that inspire us to keep fit, Butler illustrates in words and art the world of angels. Butler easily shifts artistic form from typical interpretations of angels to the abstract, as well as shifting between use of painted colours and black and white sketches. The poems too shift in form. Some are clear descriptions of the angels being depicted in the accompanying painting or sketch, but sometimes the poems are more abstract in meaning. This book provides an interpretation of a heaven governed world, and demonstrates the imagination at work.