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The Long Wait

TitleThe Long Wait
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsWilson, Budge, and Eugenie Fernandes
PublisherStoddart Kids
ISBN Number0773730214
DescriptorsCats; Families; Nova Scotia; Picture Book

The Long Wait is the story of Deirdre, the Wilsons' black cat. Each summer, the Wilsons' travel with Deirdre from Ontario to Nova Scotia. Though Deirdre is generally an amiable cat--she loves getting her belly rubbed and purrs as loud as a rattle--she must travel in a cat cage, which she hates. On a trip back to Ontario one September alone with Mr. Wilson, she howls so much Mr. Wilson pulls the car over to check if she is okay. In doing so, Deirdre escapes and Mr. Wilson has to leave her, somewhere lost in the woods off the highway in New Brunswick. However, the local New Brunswickers search for her for weeks, while the Wilsons, back in Ontario, worry if she'll ever be found. This picture book is illustrated with colourful pastel-toned paintings throughout and is written in a combination of third and first person (when Budge Wilson admits she is the Mrs. Wilson in the story).


Nova Scotia; New Brunswick

Age Range


Author Profile: 

"Every summer, Deirdre traveled from Ontario to Nova Scotia and back again with the Wilsons. Sometimes she went by plane. Other times she rode by car in a big cat cage. Deirdre hated the car and she hated the cage. Whenever she was put inside it, she would tremble all over, like a small, black earthquake. Then she would howl for almost the whole trip. Deirdre was a very well traveled cat.
     Then one year, a terrible thing happened" (n.p.).