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Lobster in my Pocket

TitleLobster in my Pocket
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsKessler, Deirdre, and Brenda Jones
PublisherRagweed Press
CityCharlottetown, PEI
ISBN Number0920304737
DescriptorsCommunity; English Language; Fishing; Fishing Community; Friendship; Lobsters; Loneliness; Picture Book; Prince Edward Island

Lee is lonely with no one to play with but her grandmother until she meets a lobster who speaks in rhyme and only wants his freedom. This picture book, published on Prince Edward Island, is a story of life in an Atlantic Canadian fishing community. Author Deirdre Kessler is a resident of Prince Edward Island.


Prince Edward Island

Age Range



Lee lives in a small Maritime fishing village with her grandmother and is often lonely because there are no other children around to play with. Out on the boat one day, Lee hears a cry for help, and discovers a talking lobster. Lee and Lucky the Lobster become fast friends, and when Lee is swept off the wharf in a storm by an ocean wave, Lucky comes to the rescue.


"Standing on her parents' Cape Islander boat, the Anne-Marie, Lee watched the lobsters in the crates. She felt sorry for them. They'd been caught and taken from their underwater homes. Their front claws had been banded with thick rubber bands. Now they were climbing over one another in confusion.
      Suddenly Lee heard a little voice.
      Oh, please, set me free! Set me free!
      I'll show you a secret of the sea!
      I'll tell you how lobsters came to be!
      Oh, please set me free! Set me free!
" (8-9).