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Living Outside the Lines

TitleLiving Outside the Lines
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsChoyce, Lesley
Number of Pages203
PublisherRed Deer Press
CityCalgary, AB
DescriptorsEnglish; Friendship; Nova Scotia; Novel; Science Fiction

This science fiction novel tells the story of Nigel, a high-school student who publishes a book about a society in which teenagers wield a great deal of power. Nigel’s classmate, Michelle, is actually from the future, and in her time, Nigel’s story has become a reality. Nigel must then choose to either live in his own time or in a future which he helped create. Lesley Choyce is from Nova Scotia.


Nova Scotia

Age Range


Record Editor

James Langer

Author Profile: 

Nigel is a fifteen year-old with a unique mind. Highly intellectual and imaginative, Nigel aspires to be a writer, but lacks a muse. He’s tried dating before, but none of the girls he has dated have been smart enough, or interested enough, to keep up with Nigel’s ideas. He has already started four novels, but has never finished any of them. However, Nigel hopes that things will start to change in his new creative writing class. As Mr. Clayton is telling the class that their major assignment is to write a novel by the end of the semester, Nigel sees her, a new girl. She is beautiful, mysterious, and unlike anyone Nigel has ever seen before. One look from her and Nigel’s novel begins to form in his head. He is determined to write his story for her. Living Outside the Lines is a young adult science fiction novel and is written in the first-person, from Nigel's immediate-engaging perspective.


“I found I couldn’t concentrate. I kept sneaking a look over at Michelle, her long hair hanging down over her face as she bent over to write. I felt that tinge of dizziness come back over me. And it occurred to me that this time, it probably was most certainly not a brain tumor. Maybe this was what falling in love was like.” (55)