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Linger by the sea

TitleLinger by the sea
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1979
AuthorsItani, Frances, and Molly Lamb Bobak
Number of Pages32
PublisherBrunswick Press
CityFredericton, N.B
DescriptorsAtlantic Canada; Families; Illustrated; Picture Book; Sea Stories; Seashore; Swimming; Tides

This picture book combines the blue watercolours of Fredericton illustrator Molly Bobak with the story of a family that spends their summer living by the sea. The book describes the sounds of the sea, high and low tides, the setting sun, the various seashells found on the shore, and the movement of the waves. The author, Frances Itani, lives in New Brunswick.


Jurisdiction: New Brunswick


The cover of Frances Itani's Linger by the Sea is a full colour reproduction of Bobak's watercolour "Beach." Itani's text details a family's day at the beach, and Bobak's watercolour illustrations appear as full page landscapes in blue, monochromatic washes and as sketches of human figures in blue lines and washes.