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Libby's Got the Beat

TitleLibby's Got the Beat
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsRayner, Robert
PublisherJames Lorimer & Company Limited
ISBN Number9781552774700
Author Profile: 

Libby Meek loves playing piano, and along with her friends Etta and Celery, she plans to perform at her school talent show. But Libby's school in Pleasant Harbour ranks lowest in the province according to provincial assessments, so the school cancels all non-essential subjects as the students prepare to rewrite the standardized provincial examinations. Music, art, and gym drop from the school's curriculum. Libby and her band, The Underachievers, make up their own Real Life test which draws on everything they learn (especially math) while preparing to perform in the talent show. While the Pleasant Harbour students do not fare better having rewritten the exam, the provincial representative, Prof. Brayne, is publically embarrassed when he cannot answer the questions from Libby's Real Life test. In the end, Libby and her band bring down the house during the talent show and continue to learn from their music long after the provincial tests are finished.


Without waiting for the applause to die down, they launched into “I Love Lovin.” Before they finished, the audience applauded again. Libby, her eyes shining, told Etta and Celery, “We rock, guys!”
They played the Mozart minuet and the Beethoven bagatelle. Even though Etta got lost in the minuet and ended several seconds after Libby and Celery, and Libby missed a few bars in the bagatelle and had to wait for Etta and Celery to catch up, no one seemed to notice. Jocelyn had warned them there would be time for only three tunes, but the audience applauded so long and loud, she asked the band to play one more.