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Le chat de Mamie Laure

TitleLe chat de Mamie Laure
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsMacDonald, Anne Louise, and Marie Lafrance
PublisherEditions d'Acadie
ISBN Number2760002845
DescriptorsAging; Cats; Farming; French Language; New Brunswick; Nova Scotia; Picture Book; Translation

This is the French translation, published in New Brunswick, of the picture book Nanny Mac's Cat by Nova Scotia author Anne Louise MacDonald. Every Friday, Glynnis goes to visit Nanny Mac and her cowardly cat, Patches. When Nanny Mac falls and breaks her hip, Glynnis and her father must find a new home for Patches. A farmer agrees to take the cat because his children would like a house cat. Patches demonstrates that she is not as fearful as people think when she frightens a barn cat out of her territory, the house.


New Brunswick; Jurisdiction: Nova Scotia

Age Range