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Kisses, kisses, kisses

TitleKisses, kisses, kisses
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsRyan, Darlene, Peter Manchester, University New of Brunswick, and Early Childhood Centre
PublisherEarly Childhood Centre, University of New Brunswick
ISBN Number1551310929
DescriptorsBabies; English Language; Families; Illustrated; Multiculturalism; New Brunswick; Picture Book

This poetic picture book, published by the Early Childhood Centre at the University of New Brunswick, portrays babies of diverse cultures and focuses on the loving relationship between babies and their families. It includes a note to parents which describes the aim of the book, and a list of other books featuring babies of different ethnic backgrounds. Both Darlene Ryan and Peter Manchester live in New Brunswick.


New Brunswick

Age Range


Author Profile: 

Written in rhyming tercets, this picture book features colour illustrations by Peter Manchester. Ryan’s text highlights the involvement of both the nuclear and extended family in an infant’s life as grandparents, a brother, a sister, parents, and even a teddy bear spend time and share kisses with infants. Manchester’s illustrations depict infants from diverse cultures.


“Mommy Kisses baby’s eyes,

Sings a gentle lullaby,

Sings of clouds and butterflies.” (8)