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Kevin Major

Kevin Major was born on September 12, 1949, and grew up in Stephenville, Newfoundland. After graduating from high school, Major set off to Memorial University to study pre-med. Although he was accepted into medical school, Major chose instead to journey across the world. Upon his return to his native province, Major pursued a career in education. Early in his teaching career, Major became frustrated with the lack of written material on the culture of his own province and decided to take on the challenge of writing his own material. Beginning first with poetry, followed by short-stories, Major soon quit his teaching job to focus completely on writing. In 1978, Major's first novel was published and his life was changed. Hold Fast is often viewed as the first breakout Atlantic Canadian Children’s novel, and in fact, Sea Stacks selected 1978 as the research starting point for this project in honour of the novel. Major currently lives in St. John’s Newfoundland with his wife and children.

Photo credit: Victoria Wells

Principal Residences: 

Stephenville, NL; Eastport, NL; St. John's, NL