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The Hungry Lizards

TitleThe Hungry Lizards
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsChoyce, Lesley, and Greg Ruhl
Series TitleSeries 2000
PublisherCollier Macmillan Canada
CityDon Mills, Ont
DescriptorsEnglish Language; Families; Halifax; Music; Nova Scotia; Novel; Realism; School; Young Adult

Jeremy's band, The Hungry Lizards, receive their first break when they win the Battle of the Bands and earn the right to play at a club called the Dungeon for eight months, four nights a week. He finds balancing school, his family life, and working in the entertainment industry difficult. Finally, Jeremy must choose whether he wants to spend less time on his music, or mess up his life entirely. Things work out all right when a record company comes to scout them and invites them to make a demo. Lesley Choyce, the author of this young adult novel, lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Nova Scotia

Age Range


Author Profile: 

Jeremy is the leader of the rock band, The Hungry Lizards. Jeremy and his bandmates decide to enter a Battle of the Bands contest, and face off against the popular local band, The Mongrel Dogs. The Hungry Lizards are victorious, and win the prestigious prize of playing at the Dungeon Club for eight months, four nights a week. The Lizards become popular, and their hopes of breaking into the music business are starting to come true. However, Jeremy begins to have doubts about his commitment to being a rock star when the reality of the entertainment business begins to cause problems with his schoolwork and home life.

*A note on the text: The Hungry Lizards was reprinted in 2004 under the title Thunderbowl.