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Hold the pickles

TitleHold the pickles
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsGrant, Vicki
PublisherOrca Book Publishers
DescriptorsHalifax; Humour

     Hold the Pickles is a short teen novel intended for reluctant readers. As with Pigboy, Hold the Pickles is narrated in the first person by Dan Hogg, a nerdy Halifax teen. Dan agrees to work for his uncle Hammy by dressing up as a hotdog mascot at the food fair and handing out samples. Not only does he suffer the humiliation of encountering Shane Coolen, the classmate who used to bully him, but Dan also meets Brooke, a beautiful girl who inexplicably seems interested in him. Brooke is in trouble, however, and on the run from someone. Hold the Pickles deals primarily with the theme of things not being as they appear, though issues of self-confidence and bravery also come into play.


     I waddled from Hammy’s food stall on Level D all the way down to the main exhibition floor. The metal braces that were supposed to keep my giant wiener head from wobbling dug into my shoulders. The tail end of my hotdog dragged on the cement floor. The rough edge of the foam cut into my armpits. The worst thing, though, was the bright blue Frank Lee Better: Superhero cape. Some superhero. I felt like I had a sign pinned to my back that said, Make fun of me. I deserve it.
     At this point, a normal person would have packed up his self-respect and gone home. But I didn’t. I hated everything about the job, but I couldn’t let Hammy down. I knew his business was going through a rough patch. That’s why he was trying out this new high-fiber hotdog. That’s why he spent a thousand dollars for this dumb costume. He was desperate.