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Good Idea Gone Bad

TitleGood Idea Gone Bad
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsChoyce, Lesley

Nova Scotia

Author Profile: 

Mick has a bad reputation, and for good reason. Most nights, Mick and his friends hang out in Downtown Halifax, harassing people and vandalizing public property. However, things get out of control one night when Mick and his friends assault and rob a young musician. Shaken by this experience, Mick begins to focus more on his own music, and joins a band with a girl named Darianna. Darianna knows all about Mick's reputation, and often voices her disapproval of his opinions and actions. However, Mick must confront his past when the band's new lead guitarist turns out to be Mick's assault victim. Good Idea Gone Bad is a young adult realist fiction novel, and is a first-person, immediate-engaging narrative.

*A note on the text: Good Idea Gone Bad was reprinted in 2011 under the title Gone Bad.