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Gone Bad

TitleGone Bad
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsChoyce, Lesley
PublisherOrca Book
ISBN Number9781552777107
Author Profile: 

Gone Bad is a reprinting of Choyce's 1993 novel, Good Idea Gone Bad.  Although most of the plotline remains the same, some changes have been made. For instance, in the 2011 version, Mick's and Darianna's names are changed to Cody and Kelsey. Below is an overview for the 2011 version:

Cody is a tough kid with a bad reputation. Loving the thrill of violence, Cody and his friends feel powerful lurking in the shadows of downtown Halifax, seeking confrontation. Unlike his friends, however, Cody has become interested in things besides smashing cars and faces. Cody has his eyes on a girl, and not just any girl. Cody has been admiring Kelsey, a classmate who, like Cody, has family problems, problems that led her to the streets. Now back at home, Kelsey wants to make a difference by commenting on the violence and hatred she saw on the streets through her music. Kelsey, along with her friend Alex, started a band that is short one drummer. Luckily for Cody, he has the skills Kelsey is looking for, but is he willing to turn his back on his friends, and use his hands for something other than throwing punches?