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Go for it, Carrie

TitleGo for it, Carrie
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsChoyce, Lesley, and Mark Thurman
Series TitleFirst novels: The new series 2
CityHalifax, N.S
ISBN Number0887803938 (bound)
DescriptorsChapter Book; English Language; Families; Friendship; Mental Disability; Nova Scotia; School; Sport

This illustrated chapter book is the first book about Carrie. When Carrie sees someone zip past on rollerblades, she decides that she must have a pair of her own. No one will support her except a boy in her class named Gregory, who has Down's Syndrome. Carrie buys an old, beat up, used pair of blades from a pawn shop and, with Gregory's encouragement, becomes a strong skater. In turn, she helps Gregory learn to skate. Her brother Ernie teaches her to know her limits. Lesley Choyce is from Nova Scotia, where this book was published.


Nova Scotia

Age Range


Author Profile: 

Choyce’s “Carrie” series follows the conflicts and adventures of a young girl named Carrie. In Go For It, Carrie, Carrie takes on the challenge of learning to rollerblade, and must acknowledge her own limitations.