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Friendships: Stories

TitleFriendships: Stories
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsWilson, Budge
Number of Pages210
PublisherPenguin Canada
ISBN Number0143017667 :
DescriptorsBullying; English Language; Families; Friendship; Short Stories

Friendships is a collection of 12 short stories that tell the tales of relationships that have particular significance to teenage readers. Subjects include parents, peers, and even non-human interactions that can also serve as comfort and companionship or cause heartbreak and conflict. Budge Wilson, the author of this collection, currently resides in Nova Scotia. Friendships received the Ann Connor Brimer Award, 2007, Canada and was a Governor General's Literary Award Finalist 2006 Children's Literature, Canada.


Nova Scotia

Age Range


Author Profile: 

"But ask any kid. They know who the bullies are, and also where to find them. You find them where the victims are. And the victims are easy to locate. They're the ones who are skinny and short and probably uncoordinated. They trip over things, and they have a scared look. It's the scared look that gives them away. Bullies salivate in the presence of victims ... Bullies want to win--every single time. They know they can push those kids around without getting pushed back" ("Bruno," 17-18)

"When I retruned home from school that afternoon, I sat down at my desk and rolled the paper into the [typewriter]. It was white, blank, ready. 'To whom it may concern:' I started. Then I went on: 'Here is information that you might like to have about the girl you are going steady with.' I crossed out 'might like to have' and substituted the words 'should know.'
     I paused then, my stomach hollow with fear and with guilt. I had kept [Jill's] secrets safe for so long that it seemed a cataclysmic act to reveal even one of them" ("Justice," 46).