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Free as the Wind : Saving the Horses of Sable Island

TitleFree as the Wind : Saving the Horses of Sable Island
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsBastedo, Jamie, and Susan Tooke
Series TitleNorthern lights books for children
Number of Pages32
PublisherRed Deer Press
ISBN Number0889953503
DescriptorsAnimals; Historical Fiction; Horses; Letters; Nova Scotia; Picture Book; Sable Island

Ten-year old Lucas Beauregard lives with his family on Sable Island, off the south-east coast of Nova Scotia. Sable Island is also home to a herd of wild horses. When Lucas hears that the government wants to round up all the horses for auction to make dog food, he decides to write a letter to Prime Minister Diefenbaker, and he convinces the children of his school to do the same. With the help of their teacher, Lucas mails over three hundred letters. Two weeks later, Lucas receives a letter from Diefenbaker informing him that the wild horses belong on Sable Island and will be left there to roam in perpetuity. This picture book provides a fictional account of historic events during the 1960s. Halifax illustrator, Susan Tooke, captures the beauty of Sable Island and gives life to its characters. The book is published by Red Deer Press, Calgary, Alta.


Nova Scotia

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This story is a fictional retelling of actual events during the 1960s when school children across Canada wrote letters to protect the wild horses of Sable Island.