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A Forest for Christmas

TitleA Forest for Christmas
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsHarris, Michael, and Eric Orchard
PublisherNimbus Publishing
ISBN Number9781551095899 1551095890
DescriptorsAnimals; Cats; Christmas; Dreaming; Fantasy; Forestry; Magic; Mice; Nature; Nova Scotia; Owls; Picture Book; Rabbits; Squirrels; Trees; Weather

Nova Scotia

Age Range


Author Profile: 

Emily loves Lunenburg and Nova Scotia's forest creatures, and the creatures communicate with her regularly. One winter morning before Christmas, Emily is awakened by Squirrel scratching at her window in alarm. It seems that the wealthy Mr. Buggleysmug insists that the town's great spruce forest must be cut down to enhance for his ocean view – threatening to take his new whatzit factory and its much-needed jobs elsewhere if the town does not meet his demands. With the help of a magical red hat, Emily and her friends hatch a plot to change Mr. Buggleysmug’s mind and save the forest and jobs for the people of Lunenburg. This picture book is illustrated by Eric Orchard using large, bright, cartoonish paintings and is written in third person, past tense.


"The knocking was coming from her window. Opening her curtains, Emily saw Squirrel. His eyes were wide and very dark, the way they had looked when he was burying an acorn and an oil truck had come too close.
      'What is it, Squirrel?'
      'Oh, Emily!' Squirrel cried, flicking his bushy tail with every word. 'Men have come to cut down the trees.'
      Emily's heart pounded like Rabbit's hind leg thumping on freshly fallen snow. She looked out the window. Squirrel was right. The yard was filled with men. They wore yellow hardhats and big leather gloves. Worst of all, they were carrying chainsaws" (13-14).