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Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsRayner, Robert
PublisherBreakwater Books
CitySt. John's
ISBN Number9781894377331
Author Profile: 

In Footprints, the wealthy owner of Eastern Oil, Mr. Anderson, owns and restricts access to a beach on Passamaquoddy Bay, and the novel tells the story of three teenage friends – Monty Drumgold, Isora Lee, and Harper Meating – as they protest to regain admittance to the beach they have frequented since childhood. The three friends meet Dexter Lully, a former political activist, who advises Monty, Isora, and Harper on how to mount an effective protest. The actions of the young teens eventually escalate from harmless marches to actually planting what they think is a small, harmless explosive device, provided by Lully, on the oil baron's property. When Harper realizes that Lully is actually a dangerous activist, he calls 911, and the device on Anderson's property is defused before causing damage. When it is learned that the teens made the right decision after being used by Lully, Anderson rewards them by granting them access to the beach.


"He sets off jogging on the deer trail. Isora and Harper following, Harper reflecting on how Drumgold has led him into, and out of, yet another escapade. It’s been the pattern since their first year at high school, when the older kids relentlessly mocked Harper’s lanky awkwardness. Harper met their teasing with smiling attempts at ingratiation, but Drumgold couldn’t stand it, and became his protector. Although he was small and slight compared with the older students, there was something about him they feared. Harper thinks it’s the same aspect of Drumgold that disturbs him sometimes; something to do with seeming on the edge of losing control, so that, if provoked, his retaliation would easily slip beyond the bounds of convention." (24-25)