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Five Minutes More

TitleFive Minutes More
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsRyan, Darlene
PublisherOrca Book Publishers
ISBN Number9781554690060
Author Profile: 

D'arcy's father plunges his car into a river and dies. This forces D'arcy to both deal with her loss and the possibility that her father's death was intentional. D'arcy's relationship with her half-sister, Claire, is strained, and the situation worsens in the wake of their father's death. A police report confirms that the father's death was a suicide. D'arcy finds her father's suicide note and learns that he had ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). D'arcy is pressured to get on with her life, but this forces her to become more detached from her friends and her mother. Then she meets Seth Thomas, and the two become romantically involved. As it turns out, Seth's brother committed suicide one year earlier. Unable to continue living under the shadow of his brother's death, Seth attempts to commit suicide. Thinking that Seth is dead, D'arcy runs away. She spends time and drinks alcohol with a homeless girl named Harmony. When D'arcy learns that Seth survived, but suffered a stroke, she decides to return to care for him. D'arcy accepts her father's death and resolves to repair her relationship with Claire.


I get an image of my dad, driving down the road, coming to a turn, hitting the gas, twisting the wheel – No. No. No.
“He wouldn’t do something like that,” I scream at her. “Maybe, maybe…” I’m shaking. “Maybe he didn’t love you enough, but he loved me and he wouldn’t… he wouldn’t just leave me!”
Her body sags. “He was sick,” she says softly. She reaches out as if she’s going to touch me, but she doesn’t. Her hand hovers in the air for a moment and then drops. “He wasn’t --,” she begins.
I press both my hands over my ears and start to hum the way I did last time she tried to say things I didn’t want to hear. Finally she turns and goes out, closing the door behind her. I lie on the bed with my palms tight against my head and keep on humming. (71-72)