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A Fiddle for Angus

TitleA Fiddle for Angus
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsWilson, Budge, and Susan Tooke
PublisherTundra Books
ISBN Number0887765009 (hard cover)
DescriptorsAging; Cape Breton Island; English Language; Families; Illustrated; Music; Nova Scotia; Picture Book; Scottish Canadians; Traditions

In this picture book, Angus is the youngest member of his musical family and does not yet have an instrument of his own. As he grows older, it is no longer enough to hum along when they play. When his parents promise him an instrument, Angus chooses the fiddle. He practices, and when he finally is able to join in, he is elated. This picture book is set in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and the illustrations portray both the landscape and the traditional celtic culture. One of the illustrations depicts a woman who is most likely Cape Breton fiddler Natalie MacMaster. Budge Wilson and Susan Tooke are both from Nova Scotia.


Nova Scotia

Age Range


Author Profile: 

Angus’s immediate family is musically proficient. His mother plays the accordion, and his father plays the whistle. Angus’s brother, Tom, plays the guitar, and his sister, Molly, brings a high clear voice to the family orchestra. But Angus is not pleased with his contribution, namely, humming. When Angus is offered an instrument of his own, he seizes upon the fiddle and takes lessons from local fiddler Murdoch. Months of practice lead to the inevitable for a boy steeped in musical heritage, and he joins the family orchestra as fiddler, now proud of his unique contribution.  A Fiddle for Angus fosters not only appreciation for the effort involved in being a musician, but the book also communicates respect for the independence often necessary if we are to feel pride in our accomplishments.