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The Fear of Angelina Domino

TitleThe Fear of Angelina Domino
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsWilson, Budge, and Eugenie Fernandes
PublisherFitzhenry & Whiteside Limited
ISBN Number0773732179
DescriptorsAnimals; Cats; Fear; Picture Book

Nova Scotia

Age Range


Author Profile: 

Angelina Domino loves animals, especially cats, that is, until Angelina's parents give her a kitten, Boris, for her fifth birthday. Boris is wild and fierce, and scares the daylights out of Angelina. Before long, Angelina's fear of Boris extends to all animals, even gerbils! With the help of a large stray cat named Hector, Angelina must search deep inside of her emotions to find the patience and courage to control her fears. The illustrator, Eugenie Fernandes, uses "soft colours to complement the gentle tone of the text and has given the characters, including the animals, vivid expressions to reflect the range of emotions in the story" (Donald, 2000). The book is written in third person, past tense.


"Angelina Domino loved animals, especially cats.
So when she was five years old, her parents gave her a kitten.
The kitten was gray with blue eyes, and his name was Boris.

But Boris was as wild as an African lion.
He bit Angelina when she patted him.
When she picked him up, he scratched her--
every single time.
He jumped out from behind chairs
and scared the daylights out of her" (n.p.).