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Falling Star

TitleFalling Star
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsRayner, Robert
Series TitleSports stories
Number of Pages131
PublisherJ. Lorimer
ISBN Number9781550289718 (bound) :
DescriptorsAnxiety; Chapter Book; Friendship; Middle School; New Brunswick; Parental Pressure; Soccer; Sports Psychology

In this chapter book, New Brunswick author Robert Rayner provides another glimpse of the Brunswick Valley soccer team central to his books written for the Lorimer Sports Stories Series. Edison Flood has recently moved to Brunswick Valley and has also recently lost his nerve on the soccer field. Despite feeling pressure from his mother to succeed, Edison learns to feel comfortable with his new teammates and relearns what it means to play for the love of the game.


New Brunswick

Age Range


Record Editor

Sue Fisher

Author Profile: 

Edison Flood is a gifted soccer player, and he seems destined for stardom. But following a simple on-field mishap, Edison losses his confidence. Edison and his mother move to Brunswick Valley, and he joins the school soccer team as they travel to play other schools on a champion's tour. Edison's mother places a great deal of pressure on him and arranges for his last game with Brunswick Valley to stand as his try-out for the elite High Park Academy soccer team. During the tour, Edison manages to find friends, though his relationship with his teammate Steve is strained. In the final game, despite the intimidation tactics of the High Park players, Brunswick Valley plays for fun, Edison scores two goals, and he makes the High Park team. But, in the end, Edison decides to stay with Brunswick Valley.


"Edison set off toward the High Park goal, thinking of what Mr. Field had said – just play … enjoy yourself – and the carefree spirit with witch the Dorchester All Stars played. He could hear their voices chanting above the noise of the crowd. As he listened, he forgot all the special coaching he had received at the elite camps, and the drills he had been put through by all the advanced-level coaches he’d been sent to. He forgot that he was supposed to be a soccer prodigy, a star in the making. Instead, he thought only of how much he loved to dribble and kick and run with a soccer ball.
He eluded the tackle of the first defender by pushing the ball right as he went left, rounding the defender before collecting the ball on the other side. He passed his next challenger by feinting left, then stepping over the ball and pushing it right as he changed direction and followed it. From the corner of his eye he glimpsed his mother. She was talking to Coach Spear, who was nodding his head as she pointed to Edison. Harry, racing back, nearly intercepted the ball, but Edison put his foot on it and rolled it out of the path of the striker’s swinging foot before cutting behind him, as his momentum carried him past. Now only two defenders were between Edison and the goal, facing him side by side." (124-125)