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Eating Between the Lines

TitleEating Between the Lines
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsMajor, Kevin
PublisherDoubleday Canada
ISBN Number9780770427054
Author Profile: 

Jackson is a sixteen year old boy who stays out of trouble, does reasonably well in school, has an interest in the arts, but is plagued by an insatiable  love of words. His home life is fairly easy, as he has two caring parents, but his father’s declining interest in Jackson and his mother Katherine is a cause for concern for both mother and son. While Katherine tries to rekindle the old flame with memories of good food and fun, Jackson focuses on his impressing his own love interest with his intellect. While studying and avoiding the processed food taking over his house, Jackson encounters an old friend with an interesting gift which enables him to leave reality and enter the narratives of his favourite books. Discovering the power of this new gift may be exactly what Jackson needs to solve all of his problems, that is, if he can first figure out how to get home. Eating between the Lines is a young adult fantasy novel told from a third-person omniscient point-of-view, and is set in Toronto. The Atlantic Canadian connection in this novel lies with Jackson's parents. The two fell in love with each other while living in Newfoundland.


"He snapped it off and sought refuge in the refrigerator. What he found there was a sad display of the extremes to which his mother was willing to go to get her point across to his father. Gone was anything that resembled the fresh and healthy items that normally filled the shelves, replaced by a sickly collection of products made by the company his father worked for. Jackson could never have imagined such a heartless, deliberate show of bad taste. The shelves were a mass of the microwaveable. He picked up a package of something called Deli-Style Miniburgers. He recalled his father’s enthusiasm for the ad: 'Now you’ve got it all, even the pickle.'

He slammed the refrigerator door and went to sleep hungry." (49-50)