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Duff the Giant Killer

TitleDuff the Giant Killer
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsWilson, Budge, and Kim LaFave
Series TitleFirst Novels: The New Series 6
PublisherFormac Publishing
ISBN Number0887803822 (pbk.)
DescriptorsChapter Book; English Language; Illustrated; Nova Scotia; Novel; Police; Theatre

This illustrated chapter book is the first book in the "First Novels" series about Duff, a little boy with a very active imagination. He and his best friend Simon decide to put on a play about killing a giant. A neighbour, Mrs. Fogo, sees what is going on and, not realising that the boys are having a game of make believe, calls the police. When the mix up is sorted out, Duff and Simon get in a lot of trouble, but their creativity remains unbridled. This story is adapted from Nova Scotia author Budge Wilson's earlier chapter book, Going Bananas and is written in third person, past tense. The illustations, by Kim LaFave, are cartoonish, black and white pencil sketches with watercolour washes.


Nova Scotia

Age Range


Author Profile: 

"'Never mind,' said Simon. 'Even if we're convalescing, I bet you can think of something neat to do. Let's go over to Hastings Park and swing on the equipment until you get a brain wave.'
     'A brain wave,' said Duff, 'is when you get an idea that's so spectacular that it almost blows you over.' 'I know that, dummy,' said Simon. '
    It was me that said it.' Duff was fun--the most fun person that Simon had ever known. But he sure was pushy'" (13)

"'Then,' said Simon, 'we'll have a sad scene while the giant is dying. He'll be saying--no, he'll be gasping--pathetic things about their being friends forever. His voice'll be all choked up and raspy.'
     'And Jack'll be like a wild person, beating his head with grief and sorrow!' Duff started beating his own head. He could hardly wait to get started.
     'It'll be a very sad play,' he said. 'A TRAGEDY!'" (25).