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The dog wizard

TitleThe dog wizard
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsMacDonald, Anne Louise, and Brenda Jones
ISBN Number0921556764

Prince Edward Island


The Dog Wizard is a picture book for ages three to six that tells the story of a young girl named Meg, and her beloved mutt, Denny. Meg and Denny go on imagined adventures every day, until one day Meg’s mother takes Denny to Portia’s Pampered Pooches. Portia is a “dog wizard” because she trims and cleans dirty dogs until they look like entirely new animals. At first Meg cannot recognize Denny after his visit to Portia’s. However, she soon realizes he is still the same faithful companion. The Dog Wizard is told in limited third person from Meg’s point of view, and addresses themes of friendship, loyalty, imagination, and acceptance. The setting is unspecified, though appears to be a small town in Atlantic Canada.
Every other page has an illustration by Brenda Jones, a native of Prince Edward Island. The illustrations are colorful, simple, and stylized, done with colored pencil and watercolor on paper.


Then Meg and Denny met the ragged, grey-dog man carrying a puffy, pink dog with red ribbons on each ear.
“Isn’t my new dog adorable?” he asked.
“Where’s your old dog?” Meg demanded.
“Vanished,” the man said, kissed the pink dog on the nose, and sauntered away.
Meg frowned. “How can dogs just VANISH?”
Then she spied the dog-shaped sign.
“Portia CAN do magic with dogs,” she gulped. “Real magic!”
Meg hooked her fingers in Denny’s tangled fur and held on tight. “Quick, Denny. We’re never going home this way again!”